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Peace and Security Policy Needs a Gender Perspective

The Gunda Werner Institute is particularly involved in a peace politics that is appropriate for gender and security policy, because until now this field has been largely male-dominated. Draughts and strategies fail to consider gender as an important issue; women’s voices hardly seem to be present in discussions about war, conflict prevention or peace negotations; and, women and men share different perspectives on forcible conflict holdings. Therefore, a lasting peace politics and security policy must include a gender perspective.

Knowledge Box

From handbooks to published papers, discussions on women, peace and security outline a brighter future.

Thematic Focus: Transitional Justice

Transitional Justice

Concepts of transitional justice for dealing with societies‘ conflict-ridden past have become increasingly important. The aim is to achieve reconciliation in relations between the parties that were involved in the conflict.

Violence & Conflict

A feminist critique of the atomic bomb

Weapons prevent war. So goes the “realist” discourse about nuclear weapons. A feminist analysis helps to understand how nuclear weapons are a patriarchal tool, and how it benefits the patriarchy to advocate for their continued existence in the arsenals of a few selected governments.

By Ray Acheson

Peace Work

International Peace Initiatives

An overview of international peace initiatives such as NGOs, intergovernmental organisations and transnational networks. The majority of these focuses on women and gender specific aspects.

Security Architecture

Security Architecture

Unlike the peace and security policy of the United Nations, which takes human rights and gender aspects into account, the foreign affairs and security policy of the European Union and almost all of its member states fades out the gender issue to a great extent.

German Women's Security Council

German Women’s Security Council

In March 2003, women working in research institutes, politics and non-governmental organisations founded a German network for feminist peace and security policy, the Women’s Security Council in Germany.


Transitional Justice

In post-war periods and in the aftermath of serious, systematic human rights violations, gender-based forms of violence are usually forgotten during the processing of the past and reconciliation phase. This study details these problems and presents the resulting challenges facing politicians and society.

Roadmap to 1325

The UN resolution 1325 It could be a milestone for gender-equitable security policy. This volume contributes to filling the gap in knowledge about approaches both to gender-sensitive peace and security policy.

Human Security = Women’s Security?


No sustainable security policy without a gender perspective. Documentation of a conference of the Feminist Institute and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in cooperation with the Women's Security Council on October 24-25, 2003 in Berlin. Publication Series of the Gunda Werner Institute, Vol. 2, second edition, Berlin 2007.

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