A shift in digital borders

Mobile phone checks spying on refugees and the unemployed on social networks, automated monitoring systems: the broadening of surveillance systems is massively impacting sections of the population, forcing them, and eventually all of us, into marginalization.

By Sonja Peteranderl

Queer and Here!

As a minority within the minority, spaces for queer refugees are scarce. Mohammad Dalla ​organized "Queer and Here" to adress the urgent need for visibility, nationwide guidelines on special vulnerability, as well as scientific research on the experiences of queer refugees - a step towards dignity and genuine safety.

By Mohammad Dalla

Media Analysis: Public Television Coverage of the Cologne New Year's Eve 2015/16

The 2015/16 New Year’s Eve night in Cologne has had far-reaching consequences. In Germany, the sexual attacks on women were considered by the majority of people to be proof of the fact that the country’s open-arms culture, which had commenced in summer, had either come to an end or was even viewed as being erroneous overall.

By Dr. Ines Kappert