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The Gunda Werner Institute’s Profile

Gender politics make a difference

Why a new institute?
The Heinrich Böll Foundation on the setting up of the institute
Gender democracy is an all-encompassing shared task of the Böll Foundation. Every member of staff is called upon to work towards this objective. So why is the Gunda Werner Institute still necessary? The inaugural address of President Barbara Unmüßig, given at the Institute’s official opening [» pdf]

What should the gender politics of the future be?
Foundation position paper
What should the future programmatic focus; objectives and tasks; concepts and instruments of gender democratic politics of the Heinrich Böll Foundation be? Reflections on the gender political challenges of the future by Foundation President Barbara Unmüßig [» pdf]

What we have in black and white
Statutes and supporters of the Gunda Werner Institute
At the 2007 annual general meeting of the Böll Foundation members passed a resolution anchoring the statutes of the new institute in the Foundation’s Charter. This guaranteed the Institute a long-term perspective to fulfil its ambitious objectives. The setting up of the new institute was supported by the Women’s Council, assigned with key powers within the Foundation.
Read the GWI Statute [» pdf]
Tasks and staff of the Women’s Council [» pdf]

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